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ISO Certification for Education Industry

The education industry is an important industry with the primary objective to provide knowledge and skill to the community. Education industries play an important role in providing resources of human capital for the market. Nowadays, the education industry struggles to deliver its purpose due to the global pandemic issue, poor management, old technology, and limited resources. The pandemic of COVID-19 had affected the education industry and changed the method of education. It became a challenge to those organizations which is lack of technology knowledge, skill, or resources. Besides, education is a type of service, customer satisfaction is very important to the business. In order to have better customer satisfaction, safeguarding the quality of service is important.
Among all ISO certifications, ISO 9001 certification is the system that is widely implemented in the education industry. The implementation of ISO 9001 can help the education industry to improve the quality and improve its performance.

ISO Certification for Leather Industry

The leather industry is a long-standing manufacturing sector that produces a wide range of products such as leather footwear, bags, clothes, furniture, etc. The raw material utilized in the leather industry comes from food industry waste, notably from meat processing. This waste product is transformed into aesthetically pleasing and functional leather goods. Leather and its products are one of the most widely traded commodities on the planet. They are made from a resource that is both renewable and readily available.